Experiences and Reports of Correctional Officers and Inmates on the Benefitsof the TM Program
(PART 2)

I think the biggest impact of the TM program for me is when I sit in a room with anywhere from two residents to thirty residents, and we practice the TM technique. No matter what happens after that, no matter what happened before that, with the residents, you know they all feel it; you know that they all can feel the unity and the power and that peacefulness. All of a sudden, everything is forgotten; all of a sudden there is no division between who you are and who they are.--Dick Wright, Assistant Superintendent, Rutland CCC, Vermont, U.S.A.

I have spent years of my life with nothing but drugs and penitentiaries to fill my shallow mind. Who would ever think that I would find inner peace at a place called San Quentin?...TM gives a person something that nobody can take away. That something is an inner peace and a discovery of one's "Self."--John G., inmate, San Quentin Prison, California, U.S.A.

I feel very conscious, more active in communicating with all people. Job tasks are easier and more orderly. My attitude towards people is causing more warmth and sincerity from other people, and people are acknowledging a brightness about myself.--Victor R., inmate, Vacaville Prison, California, U.S.A.

I have noticed many changes. Perhaps the most notable is the way in which my aggressiveness has diminished, and at the same time friendship with others has solidified.--J. L. L. S., inmate, Cáceres Prison, Spain

With respect to Transcendental Meditation I am very happy, and I think that by starting meditating I was able to understand the Bible. I found that wisdom develops; the person's intelligence develops. Nervous tensions are eliminated. Nervous tensions hinder understanding of books--not only the Bible, but also other books.--Inmate, Rehabilitation Center of La Loma de Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

Five or six years of taking heroin; eleven years other drugs. Before I thought only about drugs. But now I do other things. I am planning on working--it's about time. Now, also, I smoke less. Before I used to smoke two packs daily, now only a few cigarettes a day. I don't take any type of drugs or alcohol.--Addict-in-treatment, Center for Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation, Nerja, Spain

If I hadn't learned this meditation when I did, I probably would have killed again....But now things are going smoother for me, really relaxed, and I am getting along with people.--Inmate, Deuel Vocational Institute, California, U.S.A.

Meditation has improved my attitude towards the correctional officers and my fellow inmates. It has helped me to have a clearer mind, better behavior, and to be more self-confident. Frankly, I confess that when the program started I did not fully agree with it. But now I can only say I have been fortunate. My sole regret is to have started so late.--A. W., inmate, Senegal, West Africa

After meditating I notice that I have more self-control. I'm less susceptible to psychosomatic difficulties. I sleep better and get along better with my companions. I have a new desire to accomplish something positive in life.--R. P. S., inmate, State Penitentiary of São Paulo, Brazil

As to the unit practicing the TM technique together, if a whole unit would really put their minds to it, I don't think they would even know you had a unit here. It would be a fellowship of people. I don't think the administration would believe it.--S. L., resident, Chittenden Community Correction Center, Vermont, U.S.A.

The TM program should spread and reach all levels of society because it can give the peace and well-being that everybody needs. I feel that Transcendental Meditation will give back to the world all its harmony and balance.--G. N., inmate, Fort B Prison, Senegal, West Africa

I have been more open with my feelings with others. My activities all day have been full of more energy. And my day-to-day work has shown much improvement.--George B., inmate, Vacaville Prison, California, U.S.A.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of Maharishi Integrated System of Rehabilitation

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Benefits of the Transcendental Meditation program for Inmates (Part 2)

Experiences and Reports of Correctional Officers and Inmates (Part 1)

Experiences and Reports of Correctional Officers and Inmates (Part 2)
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