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Stephen Collins, Emmy-nominated star of “Seventh Heaven”

Most recently, actor and author Stephen Collins, Emmy-nominated star of “Seventh Heaven,” the WB television network’s highest rated show for the past four years, spoke forcefully about the Invincible Defense Technology with anchor Leeza Gibbons on NBC’s nationally syndicated television newsmagazine “Extra.” He joins a growing number of leaders in the business and entertainment communities who support the Institute’s Proposal to Prevent Terrorism.

“Every single time these numbers have been achieved, extraordinary peace and prosperity has resulted,” Collins said. “It’s never failed. The research is out there, and the results have been published in leading scientific journals. I would hope Defense Secretary Rumsfeld would look at this research and say, ‘What have we got to lose?’ It’s like an insurance policy. We have to do things now to protect our way of life. I see all this evidence that this approach works, and I just think we need to get the word out.”