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“Invincible Defense” Strategy Welcomed on Capitol Hill

John Hagelin, Ph.D., Peter Salk, M.D., and David Edwards, Ph.D., bring to Capitol Hill the Institute’s Proposal to Prevent Terrorism.

Institute Director Dr. John Hagelin is widely respected on Capitol Hill for his visionary leadership, including his efforts to promote a peaceful solution to war and terrorism. For over 20 years, the world-renowned quantum physicist has brought his message of a scientifically proven approach for resolving conflict to government leaders in Washington, D.C., and has always received a polite response—but with little action. Now, suddenly, after September 11 and with the fear of terrorist reprisals following the U.S. military campaign in Afghanistan, U.S. Congressional leaders are responding very differently to Dr. Hagelin’s message. 

During dozens of top-level government meetings held during the past few weeks with Members of Congress and with top leaders at the Pentagon and State Department, Dr. John Hagelin’s comprehensive proposal to prevent terrorism through a peaceful, scientifically validated approach is being welcomed with remarkable enthusiasm and with growing bipartisan support to put the plan into place. (See story on Rep. Dennis Kucinich.) 

The innovative proposal, validated by more than 50 replications and 19 studies published in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals, targets the acute ethnic, political, and religious tensions that fuel violence, terrorism, and social conflict.

“It is a direct technological application of the most advanced discoveries in the fields of quantum mechanics, neuroscience, and human consciousness, and is supported by hundreds of scientists who have examined the technology and its associated research,” Dr. Hagelin said.  

Dr. Hagelin has been joined at the government meetings by a team of leading independent scientists, including David Edwards, Ph.D., Professor of Government at the University of Texas at Austin and one of America’s foremost political scientists, whose textbook on American government has been used by millions of college students; Peter Salk, M.D. (son of Dr. Jonas Salk), who is engaged in research to develop an AIDS vaccine and in programs to implement AIDS treatment strategies in resource-limited nations; and John Davies, Ph.D., a leading researcher at the University of Maryland’s Center for International Development and Conflict Management. 

Dr. Hagelin is not surprised by the dramatically changed response on Capitol Hill.  

“Everyone recognizes that a new approach is needed to protect our nation against devastating acts of terrorism. Scientific advances have made it possible for small countries or even small groups of individuals to threaten the security of entire nations. Biological and chemical weapons are widely accessible and can be transported easily across national borders. Fortunately, a more effective defense against terrorism exists. This approach is known as the ‘Invincible Defense Technology.’ This technology can be implemented immediately—at a minimal cost—and, within a few months, permanently remove the threat of terrorism from the world.” 

The proposal calls for the establishment of a permanent group of 40,000 experts practicing specific “technologies of consciousness,” including Transcendental Meditation and other advanced meditation techniques, that have been scientifically shown to neutralize acute ethnic, political, and religious tensions that fuel violence, terrorism, and social conflict.  

Dr. Hagelin said that by defusing tensions and neutralizing animosity towards the United States, this field-tested approach will immediately: 

  • Reduce the risk of the Afghan conflict spreading to Pakistan, Indonesia, and other at-risk countries where anti-U.S. tensions run high, and prevent potential antagonists around the world from joining the anti-U.S. cause or engaging in fanatical acts of terrorism. 
  • Create a peaceful and cooperative environment within Afghanistan and neighboring countries, conducive to the formation of a stable, post-Taliban coalition government. 
  • Relieve tremendous pressure on our Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Justice, and other departments charged with protecting America against terrorist attacks. 

“This is a crucial component of any comprehensive approach to preventing and eradicating terrorism. It can be implemented immediately, requiring only annual funding of approximately $60 million. An endowment of $1 billion is being sought so that the interest on these funds, managed by a board of professional, experienced fund managers, can ensure implementation of this solution on a permanent basis,” Dr. Hagelin said.

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